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bixgirl1's Journal

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13 August
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Hi all!

So, I'm still learning LiveJournal, pushed into action by some of the sweetest people/most interesting writers I've ever had the fortune to meet and come across. This seems to be the place for them to congregate, and so I will hunch down in the corner and observe, like the hermit I am. Or maybe not. I like to surprise people. (But hate being surprised. Don't try and surprise me. I will scream like a banshee and it will not be fun for anyone.)

My name is Amy, and it's been a long, long time since I've been a part of something I would call an internet community. The last time it happened, I was a sixteen year old in love with Buffy (now I'm a thirty-five year old, still in love with it). And now... Harry Potter. Holy Crap. I don't think anything other than Harry Potter could have pulled me back into the insane, rollicking, beautiful world of internet fandoms, where the people you feel like they've been your friends for far longer than you've known them.

So, this is my story, and I'll make it swift: a few months ago, I was bored and remembered an article I had read earlier in the year about the wonder that is Drarry fanfic. Out of sheer curiosity, I looked it up on AO3.

That's it. That's my story. The beginning and the end. All of the rest is filler.

I've written just under 200k words since then, more than I've written creatively in years. HP fandom is inspiring, gorgeous, creative and (dare I pun it?) magical, through and through. Okay, so it may be to the detriment of my schoolwork and family life (I'm not sure my kids recognize my face much anymore), but I'm enjoying the hell out of myself. You can find my works on AO3 at the link.

Will be trying to make more frequent updates soon, as I have all these wild and crazy plans of putting together fic recs and glowing about authors I adore and basically being what I've never been as someone who lives close to Hollywood and is therefore generally unfazed by celebrity--a complete fangirl.

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