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New fic!

Okay, so, this one's been sitting in my head for a while; one of two cutesy little follow-ups to The Shape of the World, which isn't strictly necessary to have read before reading this, but will probably explain a lot.  For anyone who doesn't care to, the brief background is that Harry had amnesia, Draco found him running a surfshop in California, yada yada, they fell in love.  ;)

Title: The Edge of the Earth
Author: bixgirl1
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: PG13 (I know, right?!  I'm shocked, too.)
Word Count: 7100
Content: Fluff, humor, established relationship, surfing.
Summary:  Harry takes Draco out of his comfort zone.  Draco complains a lot under his breath but secretly enjoys it.  There also may be the inappropriate eating of fruit. 

So many thanks to carpemermaid for the beta.

Tags: drarry, fluff, new fic, tsotw
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